SureTransact is a secure & simple cloud based EFT platform which enables more affordable electronic business transacting. We give any business everything they need to make online transactions secure, quick and efficient. It’s as simple as click, pay, save. We provide secure online access, transmission and thorough auditing of all transaction aspects – in real time.

We make it easy for any type of business to do electronic payments and collections via SureTransact’s electronic payment system between all registered banks in South Africa. Our state of the art encryption and authentication will help to protect you at each step in the process. You are able to conduct all your transactions with confidence in the integrity, security, confidentiality and authenticity of your system.


“Authenticated collections“

SureTransact’s Verified Collection service complies with the revised future policy stipulated by PASA & SARB that will to be implemented by October 2016, known as “Authenticated Collection”

The Verified Collection service will send a Digital Authenticated mandate collection request via USSD and SMS to payer’s mobile phone on behalf of merchant(requestor)

Payers are prompted to Accept or Decline debit authorisation via mobile phone within 48 Hours


Virtual Mobile Wallet payment system for payment of goods and services at selected Merchants. No cost to user and works on any mobile phone. Goods and services include selected food outlets, grocery vouchers, cash vouchers and other selected service. Your money is always available from anywhere and can be transferred person to person or person to merchant, instantaneously.


Mass Electronic Payments

Our secure payment solution gives you the capability to allow multiple users to operate on the system at the same time. The system also supports error-free and accurate processing through its complete data validation procedure.

Our high-tech payment service centre facility gives you maximum uptime. Where we duplicate communication channels to the BankServ disaster recovery centre enabling maximum efficiency and security. This gives you the certainty and confidence that the processing of all transactions will occur within your deadline.


Account Holder Verification
SureTransact facilitates real-time Account Verification via the internet or host to host via web service (WSDL)

AVS-Real time
AVS-R allows you to verify a customer’s Bank Account information in Real-Time via our website or web service implemented by SureTransact with instantaneous results

AVS Batch Upload
AVS allows you to verify a customer’s Bank Account information by uploading multiple account details in a Batch file via Website or host-to-host service implemented by SureTransact

Real Time Clearing - RTC
SureTransact offers immediate batch payments across the top 5 banks
Participating Banks | ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank and Capitec

Debit Order Collections and NAEDO

(Non Authenticated Debit Orders)
SureTransact gives you precision debit order and/or NAEDO capabilities in a streamlined and easy to use environment allowing for accurate validation and income stream simplifying your business life. Fast and efficient turnaround times eliminate wasted time and money.

Detailed Reports

Report files are available in PDF or CSV format. You get statements detailing all your payment and collection consolidation amounts, making identification of a batch or locating a transaction simple and easy.

Online transaction history is available for up to five years. You can get a detailed record of every user action to assure the processing of all transactions is correct with the confirmed authorisations.

Personalised Customer Support

We put our skilled team at your disposal. We will help you with any technical or transactional queries - quickly, and at any time.

Individual attention, by dedicated Key Account Managers is available at your convenience to help with any queries and to provide full back up and support.


The SureTransact online payment management system integrates with most payroll and accounting systems. With our team of skilled in-house developers, we strive for seamless integration to current systems and processes that ensures maximum business continuity.


We provide continuous training. Your operators will learn how to use your system with confidence and how to get the very best out of it.


Save on your banking fees

The system is simple and easy to use

Secure payments and collection technology

Fully accredited by PASA and BANKSERV certified

Seamless set up and integration with most accounting systems

Unlimited users at no extra cost

NO hidden costs and fees

Personal multi-channel support

No need to change your current banking relationship

No fixed contractual periods to which you are bound

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